Gasser Straight Axles
All axles are 2" dom 1/4 wall  USA made steel
Any width available

Axles start @ $300.00    for a USA made straight  Axle with spring pads
Add $120.00 for Moly. tube
Early Ford & Early Chevy Ends (All ends have a safety flag welded into the tube  see pic)
Custom Ends are Available
All Axles are made to order and most ship with in two weeks

Need something bigger just ask
I have made a custom one off axle with 2 1/2 Moly. .312 wall tube (see Willys below )
  Ask about my I beam tube axle you can see in the pic below the 1/2 bar stock machined
to fit in side the tube when it gets plug welded top and bottom

More pics coming soon!!!!!


Custom 21/2" axle
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